July – The Biking Saga Continues

Well. I’m currently super lucky to have this week off work. Hearken opted to give the entire team the week off in honor of everyone’s huge push to close the merger (completed June 12th!) as well as the general state of the world. The team was (is?) tired, and that included me. There are a couple things I’d like to do to prep before next week, but honestly it’s been so delightful to be offline most of the day I haven’t really been motivated yet. I’ve read two books, done some cooking, gone on bike rides (though, always before 6:30 … Continue reading

On taking it a bit slower

I’ve been thinking about this idea of reduced effort for quite a while before I read this article by Derek Sivers: https://sivers.org/relax

In it, he talks about how he’s going super hard on this bike route and it’s making him exhausted. It’s not really that fun anymore. But when he dials back the effort (quite a bit in his case), his time only suffers slightly. His all out effort was only gaining him a 4% percent faster time.

I think about this on the bike a lot. Mainly because Paul tends to ride about 1-2mph faster than I do on … Continue reading

It’s gonna be May

So. It’s May. Turns out it’s been a while since I posted. This is mainly because, shortly after that last post, I spilled tea on my computer and it officially kicked the bucket. It was 5 years old, and while it was still limping along I had been planning to get a new one for a while. Still. Long story short, it took about a month to get my new Macbook during which time Paul kindly leant me his personal computer for work. But that meant we shared a computer in the evenings and on weekends, and so I … Continue reading

This entry brought to you by… Procrastination.

Whelp. I could be: making lasagna, organizing my desk supplies (currently dumped out on the floor where they’ve been living since March), finishing my side work project that I need to get done tonight, or cleaning the floor and bathrooms. All things on my list for today. As are a number of other things. But, I don’t feel like doing any of them. So, blog post!

The past month has been a whirlwind that I haven’t written about because… pandemic. So, some word vomit of the highlights:

Paul broke his clavicle. Just six days after the last entry … Continue reading

Very different math.

Well. The world has become a very different place in the last two weeks. COVID-19 has become a pandemic and now instead of tallying my vertical feet, I’m tallying mortality rates around the world.

To be honest, a lot has stayed the same in my house. I already worked from home. Paul was working from home 1-2 days a week, so switching to full time wasn’t a big deal (and we’ve both worked from home together before). The trails are still open for hiking, and the roads are still there for biking. Our coffee shop visits stopped with the closure … Continue reading

On Your Left.

I am sneezy, coughing, eye watering mess. Complete with fatigue, snot, and sinus pressure. In short? I have a cold.

It’s an interesting thing to be sick right now. No one ever wants to be near a person who coughs or sneezes. But with fears of COVID-19 high, I’m absolutely a persona non grata in public spaces. I am not self quarantining as I have neither risk factors nor symptoms of COVID-19 (no fever, period, and a productive cough over a dry one). But I am carrying around hand sanitizer to protect the rest of the world from my germs, … Continue reading