This is 36

Well. The second birthday in a row where I’m getting ready for a race. However, last year I was prepping for 200 miles of gravel at Rexy whereas this year I’m just throwing together some warm clothes for tomorrow’s 8:15AM cyclocross race at Broomfield.

Today started with Trader Joe’s pumpkin waffles (with whipped cream!), continued with some work, moved on to virtual coach training with Tim Cusick and the BaseCamp team (so good!), and continued with a beautiful bike ride up Sunshine (openers for tomorrow).

Tonight we thought about getting sushi, but decided to do that tomorrow and enjoy some … Continue reading

Some thoughts on COVID

As of today I’m officially two weeks post-second dose vaccine (ie: fully vaccinated)! #TeamPfizer

So that’s exciting. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited and/or nervous to get a vaccine. I got both my shots at a small event center in Broomfield. They had things pretty dialed and efficient. Walk in, check in, get your shot, wait 15min, and then you were released to go.

I know it’s not a silver bullet, but it definitely means I’m feeling a little more comfortable out and about in the world. The second dose knocked me out for about 36 … Continue reading

Pistachio cake and the end of January

Since I currently have this cake in oven, and this blog does have “cake” in the name, I thought it was probably time to jot down a few thoughts.

I’ve actually been thinking a bit about what I want to do with this site, but since I still don’t exactly know yet I just decided not to do anything ? Still, January 31 seemed like a good time to check in.

The good: We have a new president and vice president ? I know people, MULTIPLE people, who have had 1 or 2 doses of their COVID vaccine ? And, … Continue reading

It’s the final countdown ?

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve. The end to one of the wildest years we’ve had in a long time. So I thought I’d do my own little wrap up here of some top 2020 moments, along with a couple thoughts about 2021.

The 500,000ft challenge:

Well, seems easiest to start here. At the beginning of the year Paul and I started a challenge to do 500,000ft of human powered elevation gain before today. More HERE. At the time, it felt quite ambitious – especially given that I was planning 5-6 weeks of travel during the year. However, given that … Continue reading

Hello 34 ???

Today is my 34th birthday!

I celebrated by making myself a massive pumpkin and chocolate layer cake covered with chocolate ganache and decorated for Halloween. Because, OF COURSE.

But I also celebrated with pumpkin bagels and a cappuccino, enjoyed outside in the sun. By reading. By doing a ramp test on my bike on Zwift (which was actually more fun than it sounds like it might have been). By cooking up frozen scallops and enjoying them in a white wine and cream sauce alongside homemade bread that Paul made today. By watching a little TV, and hopping on a phone … Continue reading

July – The Biking Saga Continues

Well. I’m currently super lucky to have this week off work. Hearken opted to give the entire team the week off in honor of everyone’s huge push to close the merger (completed June 12th!) as well as the general state of the world. The team was (is?) tired, and that included me. There are a couple things I’d like to do to prep before next week, but honestly it’s been so delightful to be offline most of the day I haven’t really been motivated yet. I’ve read two books, done some cooking, gone on bike rides (though, always before 6:30 … Continue reading