The First Everest Attempt

I left off here on Friday, August 7th with Paul thinking about doing an Everest attempt later the following week. On Saturday he went for a low key ride on Sunshine, enough to get things moving but hopefully not overdo it. On Sunday we woke up and I went for a morning ride. It was a bit smokey out (wildfires) so he opted to take a rest day. When I returned I went casually scrolling through my phone, and took my umpteenth peek at the weather that weekend. And then I stopped. I called over to Paul, “Have you looked … Continue reading

100,000ft July

Around the beginning of July Paul mused that before he went for an Everest attempt he wanted to have already knocked out 30,000ft of climbing in one week. Seemed reasonable enough, considering we were aiming to do just shy of that in one ride with the attempt.

This year my biggest week had included just over 25K, the week I did my half Everest at the end of June. At least, that’s what Strava told me when I looked at the week by week breakdown one afternoon. But, a few days later as I cycled up yet another lap on … Continue reading