I’m Tina. I’m a big fan of cartwheels. Also cake. Like a REALLY big fan of cake. Chocolate, pie, brownies, ice cream, and cookies (especially black and whites, and those Italian rainbow ones) will all also work as substitutes when needed.

I also climb (indoors and out), hike, mountaineer, cycle (mostly road, some trail), ski (backcountry and resort), snowshoe, and generally wander about in nature. Sometimes I swim too, but I’m not very good at it. I’m also a reluctant trail runner (mostly because my knees think it’s a terrible sport).

Say hi at hello@cartwheelsandcake.com

You can also find me on Instagram as here.

I’m currently based in Colorado after spending (most of) 10 years in Portland, OR. This state seems pretty cool, if not incredibly dry. My nose hasn’t forgiven me yet…

You want something else?

Here’s a picture of a cake. I didn’t make it.

Mmmm. Cake.

And a picture of a cartwheel. That’s actually me. It’s not so great, so apparently I need more cartwheel pictures.

(I did, however, successfully land this cartwheel on the beam.)