The Second Attempt: [Part 3 of 3]

THE SKI/CLIMB (part 1):

We grabbed our skis and climbing gear from the car, and headed out to the start point. By the time we actually started climbing it was just after 3:00 AM.

I was so hopeful, because our two skis done after hard bike rides had ended up feeling really great. This one, not at all. We were tired from the start. My legs felt like lead. I was so sleepy that I would close my eyes for four glides, open them for a few minutes, and close them again. I was practically sleeping on my skis. We … Continue reading

? A Three Spooort Day ?

So, we have a tentative date for The Picnic. And going by said date, Saturday was to be our last BIG day before we started tapering.

It only seemed fitting that we take a go at all three sports (swimming, cycling, and skiing) in one day to see how it felt. We couldn’t quite figure out a route that would let us do it without driving, but, oh well.

This was also the chance to test our new wetsuits on an open water swim. We drove out to Hood River with the intent to be in the water between … Continue reading

Hard Bike, Happy Ski

I’ve biked up to Lost Lake twice before. The first was part of an 80mi, 80K day back in 2016 in the hot August sun. It was kind of brutal. The second time was just about a year ago and it was… fine. It’s not my favorite ride, even though it is objectively a good ride with great views.

But we knew we wanted to get some skiing in, so that necessitated a bike ride somewhere near Mount Hood. So the plan was two laps of biking from Dee to Lost Lake Resort, and then a skin from Timberline Lodge … Continue reading

On slowing down

Last Friday four us climbed Mount Saint Helens. We all skinned up from the parking lot, topped out just shy of the summit (because, cornice), and then skied back down.

Heading up – cloudy and warm!

One person in the group was brand new to the challenges of skinning. The conditions were generally good, but there were some steep spots and areas of hard snow that made good kick turns and edging a must.

I don’t know about anyone else who’s learned to skin, but when I learned there was a lot of bruises (mainly from falling on my Continue reading