Mount Evans Success ??‍♀️

Well, a bit belatedly, I’m excited to report that Mount Evans ended up being a wonderful ride! Here’s a quick recap and some photos:

We were up early and out the door before sunrise so we could get a reasonably early start to beat both the people and the afternoon showers. It’s about a 50min drive to Idaho Springs, the jumping off point for our ride. Around 6AM we pulled into a small parking lot and spent several minutes putting on socks, long sleeves, sunscreen, and the like.

Around 6:15AM we headed off. The sun was still low and it … Continue reading

July – The Biking Saga Continues

Well. I’m currently super lucky to have this week off work. Hearken opted to give the entire team the week off in honor of everyone’s huge push to close the merger (completed June 12th!) as well as the general state of the world. The team was (is?) tired, and that included me. There are a couple things I’d like to do to prep before next week, but honestly it’s been so delightful to be offline most of the day I haven’t really been motivated yet. I’ve read two books, done some cooking, gone on bike rides (though, always before 6:30 … Continue reading