Rexy: Queen of the Desert (getting ready to roll)

A continuation from this post!

Thurs., Oct. 28th was our big day of prep, and also my birthday 🥳 It was a day full of tasty treats and lots of last minute touches. Both Paul and I went for a short ride to keep the legs loose while Julia went for a walk downtown. Paul realized that his bike was not shifting well, and thus started an almost 2hr back and forth trying to sort out the issue at two bike shops. (Very) long story short, no one could quite figure out the issue leaving Paul stuck with sluggish, … Continue reading

Rexy: Queen of the Desert (how we got here)

Up until recently I’d never completed a 200 mile bike ride. It’s been on my list for years. Once I finished my first century, ticking off 200 miles seemed like the next logical thing to do (that progression is debatable, but that’s beside the point).

But, for this reason and that reason, it never happened. And in 2020, the year I would have been most likely to give it a go, I got too enamored by Everesting to plan a 200 mile ride. In fact that first Everest, at 155 miles and ~19 hours total, was by far my longest … Continue reading

Zion National Park

Ok, we’ll ignore the fact that I got a little behind here and just press on a bit with the wrap up BWR and the final couple big events of 2021. I’m not so far away from it all that I feel like I need to just skip it, but I will be soon. So, with that out of the way:

We left off with bedtime ahead of a day of exploring. The plan was to spend two days at Zion and/or Bryce National Park. In Zion I really wanted do to Angel’s Landing and The Narrows. I know … Continue reading