Tomorrow we Giddy Up!

So… I had planned to do this wild Everesting x2 attempt over Memorial Day weekend. And, well, that’s still the plan. But earlier this week the weather seemed to hint that Saturday/Sunday would be the best combo of days. That was great, because I had Friday off work which meant I could take my time getting everything prepped and ready, but still have Monday to recovery before heading back to work on Tuesday.

However, yesterday I woke up to see that Sunday’s “chance of rain” had basically ballooned into “1 inch of rain happening all day long”. It’s a super … Continue reading

Everesting 2.0?

Last year I decided to attempt to Everest on my bike. I wrote approximately one million words on every detail about it HERE, so I won’t rehash that all again.

Suffice it to say that after the attempt I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it again, but I also wasn’t sure that I didn’t.

Fast forward a few months: The folks who put on my BaseCamp training program this winter are also the same folks who partially got me started on this Everesting journey through the #GiddyUpForGood challenge. Rebecca Rusch put the event on last Memorial Day weekend, … Continue reading

Some thoughts on COVID

As of today I’m officially two weeks post-second dose vaccine (ie: fully vaccinated)! #TeamPfizer

So that’s exciting. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited and/or nervous to get a vaccine. I got both my shots at a small event center in Broomfield. They had things pretty dialed and efficient. Walk in, check in, get your shot, wait 15min, and then you were released to go.

I know it’s not a silver bullet, but it definitely means I’m feeling a little more comfortable out and about in the world. The second dose knocked me out for about 36 … Continue reading