This is 36

Well. The second birthday in a row where I’m getting ready for a race. However, last year I was prepping for 200 miles of gravel at Rexy whereas this year I’m just throwing together some warm clothes for tomorrow’s 8:15AM cyclocross race at Broomfield.

Today started with Trader Joe’s pumpkin waffles (with whipped cream!), continued with some work, moved on to virtual coach training with Tim Cusick and the BaseCamp team (so good!), and continued with a beautiful bike ride up Sunshine (openers for tomorrow).

Tonight we thought about getting sushi, but decided to do that tomorrow and enjoy some pasta with pumpkin alfredo sauce tonight alongside some Great British Bake Off. I also tried to make pumpkin chocolate cookies. The recipe was pretty straightforward and I’m usually at least mostly decent at cookie making. But for some reason the dough seemed very wet and they didn’t really rise. They look weird, and they are cooked a little strange, but all in all they aren’t too bad.

Bit of a whirlwind day in some ways, but hoping to have some time this weekend to relax, read, and reflect a bit on the new year. Thinking a lot about what bike races I’d like to do next year, and what else I’d like to focus on. Anyway, all in all, a pretty delightful birthday day!

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