No. I didn’t do The Picnic. BUT! I got my back handspring! There is something mildly terrifying about throwing yourself backwards and hoping *hoping* your arms hold you up, and you’re actually strong enough, and you don’t land on your head and break your neck. But when it works (which it only does if you 100% commit) it’s so satisfying!

And, I landed my first EVER front tuck on the floor! As a kid, I did a lot of back handsprings (I even did them on the beam for a short time), but I never landed a front … Continue reading

Back Handsprings!

I’ve been taking an Adult Gymnastics class at the Garden Home Rec Center, which has been awesome. Every Wednesday night at 7:15PM I head out to tumble and play with some other really amazing people. It’s been so fun, and a very different form of cross training.

I was a gymnast as a kid, but haven’t taken classes since I was in middle school. Apparently they think most adults don’t want to do gymnastics, but I actually suspect they’re wrong…

Anyway, I finally almost have my back handspring back! It’s been YEARS!

I’m stoked!!