On taking it a bit slower

I’ve been thinking about this idea of reduced effort for quite a while before I read this article by Derek Sivers: https://sivers.org/relax

In it, he talks about how he’s going super hard on this bike route and it’s making him exhausted. It’s not really that fun anymore. But when he dials back the effort (quite a bit in his case), his time only suffers slightly. His all out effort was only gaining him a 4% percent faster time.

I think about this on the bike a lot. Mainly because Paul tends to ride about 1-2mph faster than I do on … Continue reading

Fear Based Training

That image is from THIS ARTICLE which is definitely worth a read.

Essentially it’s the idea that when you commit to do something harder (running 50+ miles, climbing Mount Rainier, swimming 10mi in open water, etc) there’s a different type of training that happens, as opposed to when your goal is just “lose 5 lbs because I’ll fit into my jeans better”.

That being said, it’s actually been pretty fun to train for something that I have NO IDEA if we’ll complete.