The Second Attempt: [Part 1 of 3]

So, clearly it’s been a few days since we tried this thing again. I didn’t write an entry immediately, mostly because I was sleeping. SO TIRED. And then I didn’t write an entry because the task seemed daunting, and with all the “picnic-ing” I was suddenly I bit behind on the rest of life. And THEN I didn’t write an entry because I was trying to process the whole thing, and felt like it would do well with a little space. FINALLY, I really want to make a video but I haven’t yet. I had some technical difficulties (now resolved) … Continue reading

Well. That didn’t go as planned.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho

We always knew we might not be able to complete the Picnic in one (or two or five) attempts. Many things need to align to make this happen, including our health, good weather on the river, good weather on the mountain, our fitness level (and lack of injury), a support crew, and a variety of factors we can’t control (mainly to do with other people).

We knew we were toeing the line with a couple of those things on Thursday. I’d been sick … Continue reading

?‍♀️ Baby shark do do do-do-do-do

You’re welcome ?

So today was open water swim, take two. We’ve had pretend summer for the past few days, so temps have been in the 80s. That’s a really good thing for warming up the water (though, the extended forecast says we return to low 60s and rain next week…).

We’d been planning to do a swim in the Willamette as a closer option to the Columbia, but the sun really helped the shallower water here and it got a little “too hot”. The water during our Picnic attempt will probably average around 57 degrees (we hope, it’s currently … Continue reading

? A Three Spooort Day ?

So, we have a tentative date for The Picnic. And going by said date, Saturday was to be our last BIG day before we started tapering.

It only seemed fitting that we take a go at all three sports (swimming, cycling, and skiing) in one day to see how it felt. We couldn’t quite figure out a route that would let us do it without driving, but, oh well.

This was also the chance to test our new wetsuits on an open water swim. We drove out to Hood River with the intent to be in the water between … Continue reading


I haven’t talked much about swimming here. That’s mostly because I swim at the Matt Dishman Community Center in a heated pool.

Don’t get me wrong, Dishman is lovely, the showers are hot, the lockers don’t smell funny, and they usually have plenty of lap swim times.

That being said, there usually isn’t a lot to say. You don’t get gorgeous nature views from the pool. I’m not posting locker room photos on Instagram. (THOUGH! I have locker room thoughts for another post…)

There are few amusing antidotes, though I suppose there was the time I showed up at the … Continue reading