Cycling, snow, and tummy aches

I seem to tagging a high number of this new year’s posts as “mishap”, a fact that has not been lost on me out in woods or on the roads. I AM learning from them. But each one is a bit painful.

This last round happened on Saturday.

We had the idea to bike up to Ward (at about 9K ft) via a new route (route 7, to be exact). The steepness was a little gentler than our other two routes, and we could do it as a loop ride. We’d start with 12 gently rolling miles out to Lyons, … Continue reading

How To Incorrectly Layer

Today Paul and I went on a bike ride. The ride is known in Boulder as “Super Flagstaff”. If you’re really curious, you can read a breakdown of the sections here. Suffice it to say, it’s a hard 4.5 mi, ~2,000ft climb. The average grade is somewhere around 8% (though it goes up to 20% in parts) with the hardest bit in the last mile. The whole thing unceremoniously tops out at 7,625ft at a row of mailboxes on the side of the road, where you feel like you’d like to collapse.

The Strava record on the course is … Continue reading

4 days and counting…

Today is Monday. It feels kind of like the Monday before Thanksgiving, where you know you’re about to get a long weekend and you really don’t want to be working. You’re already day dreaming about pie and stuffing, and you’re mentally just not in the game.

That’s how today feels.

I’m also feeling super anxious. I’ve been battling allergies that turned into a cold (or something?) for the past 9 days. Yes. NINE DAYS. I can’t even tell you how the number of mugs of tea I’ve had. BUT. I’m thinking I might be on the upswing. ???

On the … Continue reading


I’ve been one of the lucky few who typically doesn’t have chafing issues. Not while running, or biking, or anything else. I sweat PLENTY so not sure what’s up, but I’m not sad about it.

That being said, turns out something rubbed me the wrong way on the swim this weekend. Best guess? I accidentally left my necklace on under my wetsuit and maybe it wedged up?

Either way…. this thing hurts.


I haven’t talked much about swimming here. That’s mostly because I swim at the Matt Dishman Community Center in a heated pool.

Don’t get me wrong, Dishman is lovely, the showers are hot, the lockers don’t smell funny, and they usually have plenty of lap swim times.

That being said, there usually isn’t a lot to say. You don’t get gorgeous nature views from the pool. I’m not posting locker room photos on Instagram. (THOUGH! I have locker room thoughts for another post…)

There are few amusing antidotes, though I suppose there was the time I showed up at the … Continue reading

Saturday Bike Ride

Or the one where I fell off my bike…

The sun finally came back to Portland on Saturday, and we saw our first 50 degree since Feb. 2nd. I know, I know, 50 degrees sounds REALLY warm for winter (at least, for anyone who grew up in Central NY like me) but in Portland being below 50 for this long is definitely a cold snap.

So, we took advantage of the glowing ball in the sky to get in a long bike ride. The past several bike rides have been bordering on somewhat miserable – cold, close to town because … Continue reading