Tapering is hard

For the past few days we’ve been tapering (essentially doing shorter workouts and taking more rest).

I’ve never had to taper before. I don’t usually train that much for things. I once trained for a marathon, but my knees chronically kinda suck. I trained fine for a while, but when I got to the 13mi long Saturday training run I had to limp the last 2 miles home. So, then I just stopped training and several weeks later just did the marathon.

(And by “just did the marathon” I mean: I ran 6mi, my knee exploded in pain, I popped Continue reading

Another Lap

Running is tiring. A couple times last year I did it for eleven hours straight, and man, was I tired afterward. Most days I do it for about 11 minutes before I’m like Fuck This. But I just keep going.


That quote is from the article I Hate Running, which is SO spot on (and funny).

It really speaks to what I was thinking about yesterday on my bike ride. No, not The Drop (that really is a running thing), nor the fact that my clothes also smell like I never wash them 10min into anything – but … Continue reading

Just another training ride.

Never really got into the groove for today’s ride. Legs were tired from a weekend of incredible skiing. Backcountry laps on Tumalo Mountain on Saturday in knee high + untouched powder and a day of downhill on Mount Bachelor on Sunday.

Nevertheless, a big push up a nemesis of a hill did earn me this:

Tied for third place for women!

It probably won’t last, and I thought I was definitely going to vomit at the top, but it was a high point on a chilly, damp, tired kinda day.

Slightly sick slow spin

Otherwise known as: today’s morning training ride. I didn’t actually start until 6:40 AM, which was later than planned because I spent 15 minutes laying on the couch trying to decide if it was smart to go biking while recovering from a cold. I looked at the internet hoping smart people would tell me, “Of course not, biking while sick is a terrible idea!”. But really all I found were articles saying that as long as it’s not “in your chest” you’re fine to exercise. Screw you internet people.

So after finally getting up I added shoe covers AND (get … Continue reading