20 Tabor Laps

This is probably 19 Tabor laps too many, but that’s what I did today.

Five miles, 2,300ft of elevation gain, roughly climbing 5,500 stairs (it’s 282 to the tippy top, but I turn around before the final staircase).

Back when doing 8 laps made my calves cramp for several days straight, I would have laughed if you’d told me I’d be doing 20 laps in about 90min with just a couple quick breaks.

Is the definition of insanity and good training just the same thing… ?

Smile & Flow

This week I was putting on an event/conference for four days in Portland. Since I was still in town I was able to sneak in some training, but I was TIRED.

Working a 12 hour day, only to come home and do two hours of biking in the dark is hard (though, the bike ride itself was mostly good).

On Thursday I did my fastest set of Tabor laps yet (10 laps of stairs (1,200ft gain) in 46 minutes). I was pretty worn down, but it felt really good to sweat a bit. I was in a rush because I … Continue reading