A bit of catch up

Whoops. Apparently this racing things has me a little behind on some posts I wanted to make 🤷‍♀️ I’ve got three I want to share, but I suppose I should rewind a bit to Ned Gravel and my first ever bike race.

Paul and I were up early to get ready for the big day. Our plan was to eat breakfast, get dressed, and get some caffeine in us before meeting our friend Eric to carpool to the start. Nederland is about 40min away, and we knew parking would be tight. Overnight thunderstorms and rain had kept us awake, but … Continue reading

Tomorrow, we ride!

My very first gravel race (or, well, bike race of any kind) is tomorrow. It’s Ned Gravel – a new race up in Nederland, CO. I am a wee bit nervous! It has been years since I’ve done any kind of race or competition (running races, bouldering), and quite a while since I’ve even done a bike event (since…. 2016?). So I definitely have some pre-race nerves happening, even though I just keep telling myself ‘it’s just a bike ride’.

We’ve been assuming it would be very hot. It’s been in the 90s most days the past several weeks, so … Continue reading