Biking? Cake? BIKE CAKE!

We’ve been watching a bit of Great British Bake Off (or GBBO) around here lately. I’m not sure how we got on it, but I think it happened when we finished The Queen’s Gambit and we were looking for something light to watch for an evening. Many cakes, jelly rolls, biscuits, and pastry weeks later, I was really, REALLY craving cake.

At the same time BaseCamp, the group of folks I do my bike training with, were doing a little photo contest sponsored by Chamois Butt’r (which I love). There was a food category, albeit I think more about … Continue reading

Mountain bikes!

Paul on his Giant Fathom 2

This year both Paul and I bit the bullet and bought new mountain bikes. That’s its own post, and I’ll write up that experience soon (because it has been an adventure).

But for now I’ll say that yesterday we took those bikes out to Valmont Bike Park, which is 1mi from our house. It’s a 42 acre bike park with skills trails and terrain parks. It’s pretty awesome.

It was a great place to test the bikes and start to get used to them. It’s also the first time either of us have ever … Continue reading


No. I didn’t do The Picnic. BUT! I got my back handspring! There is something mildly terrifying about throwing yourself backwards and hoping *hoping* your arms hold you up, and you’re actually strong enough, and you don’t land on your head and break your neck. But when it works (which it only does if you 100% commit) it’s so satisfying!

And, I landed my first EVER front tuck on the floor! As a kid, I did a lot of back handsprings (I even did them on the beam for a short time), but I never landed a front … Continue reading

Back Handsprings!

I’ve been taking an Adult Gymnastics class at the Garden Home Rec Center, which has been awesome. Every Wednesday night at 7:15PM I head out to tumble and play with some other really amazing people. It’s been so fun, and a very different form of cross training.

I was a gymnast as a kid, but haven’t taken classes since I was in middle school. Apparently they think most adults don’t want to do gymnastics, but I actually suspect they’re wrong…

Anyway, I finally almost have my back handspring back! It’s been YEARS!

I’m stoked!!