Slightly sick slow spin

Otherwise known as: today’s morning training ride. I didn’t actually start until 6:40 AM, which was later than planned because I spent 15 minutes laying on the couch trying to decide if it was smart to go biking while recovering from a cold. I looked at the internet hoping smart people would tell me, “Of course not, biking while sick is a terrible idea!”. But really all I found were articles saying that as long as it’s not “in your chest” you’re fine to exercise. Screw you internet people.

So after finally getting up I added shoe covers AND (get this) a JACKET for my ride. These are apparently what smart people wear when it’s in the 30s (or colder). After 10+ years of commuting (including in South Dakota) I’ve apparently just learned this.

Who knows. Maybe this will be the year I buy a chamois too. Maybe.

Anyway. Here were 5 things I concluded/gripped about on my ride:

  1. I’m so glad I don’t commute by bike anymore. I’d forgotten that rush hour biking is stupid. It’s all “I’m not competing with you to go faster, look how casual I’m riding”, while they zoom pass you, cut in front, and then slow¬†down. Dear God. If you’re going to pass me GO FASTER THAN ME.
  2. Bike lights have gotten real bright. Not a bad thing. But do you really need your SUPER BRIGHT LIGHT on while you’re on a bike path in nearly daylight hours? Really?
  3. Seriously though, shoe covers are amazing. Why did no one tell me this sooner?
  4. I need a playlist in between my 30 song workout playlist and my 482 song “favorite” playlist. I love Sting, but I really don’t love him when I’m pedaling my butt up a steep hill. I’m not walking in fields of gold, I’m biking and my hands are cold. And now I’m both unmotivated and sad. #ThanksSting
  5. Honey Stinger Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry bars (with protein! and caffeine!) are the best. Hands down. No question. Yeah, I get a small discount on them, but I’d eat them either way. I think I work out just to get to eat more of them.
With that, I end with a picture of the PDX skyline, which really was quite spectacular

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