4 days and counting…

Today is Monday. It feels kind of like the Monday before Thanksgiving, where you know you’re about to get a long weekend and you really don’t want to be working. You’re already day dreaming about pie and stuffing, and you’re mentally just not in the game.

That’s how today feels.

I’m also feeling super anxious. I’ve been battling allergies that turned into a cold (or something?) for the past 9 days. Yes. NINE DAYS. I can’t even tell you how the number of mugs of tea I’ve had. BUT. I’m thinking I might be on the upswing. ???

On the downside, I’m super freaked out that I’ve gotten Paul sick.

I’m worried he’ll end up being sick on the big day and then he’ll:
1) Not be able to do the Picnic.
2) Start the Picnic but need to bail because, sickness.
3) Do the Picnic but feeling really crappy throughout.

I want this to be fun. Or at least as fun as something like this gets to be. I’m a bit crushed thinking that all the months of training, the time, the money, etc might not go through because of a bad head cold. I’m cool if things don’t work because they get sketchy, or the weather, or we’re too tired. But a head cold!? Ugh.

And yes, we could potentially do it the following week. But that’s not ideal for a handful of reasons. Including that our support folks have taken off work this week for us. =/

All my fingers are crossed that we will be healthy enough.

Now pass me the hand sanitizer.

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