Tomorrow we Giddy Up!

So… I had planned to do this wild Everesting x2 attempt over Memorial Day weekend. And, well, that’s still the plan. But earlier this week the weather seemed to hint that Saturday/Sunday would be the best combo of days. That was great, because I had Friday off work which meant I could take my time getting everything prepped and ready, but still have Monday to recovery before heading back to work on Tuesday.

However, yesterday I woke up to see that Sunday’s “chance of rain” had basically ballooned into “1 inch of rain happening all day long”. It’s a super hard call, as Friday looks a touch on the hot side for me (once the temps hit about 80 and full sun here at 5,000ft I really start to struggle). Heat vs rain. The forecast is so fickle. The possible clouds on Friday afternoon might not appear and the temps could hit into the 80s. And that inch of rain on Sunday could end up just being delightful mist all day. But with the temps on the cooler side for Sunday, it could also make for a really chilly, wet, miserable day on a body that’s already really hurting.

Here’s the forecast as it stands now (Thursday AM) from DarkSky:

Wunderground and both show relatively similar stats, which is helpful. Saturday’s afternoon/evening rain could go either way, so that’s just going to be luck. Could be a huge downpour, could be nothing. I will have to just take a chance on that and hope I’m close to finishing before it all opens up.

Anyway, still much to plan and put together in the next 11.5 hours. Working for a few hours (after a 7AM dentist appt., oof), and then heading offline for final preparations before hopefully getting to bed at 9PM.

Yesterday I was reminded that my old Novara doesn’t have a cassette on it (because the cassette is attached to my trainer) and therefore currently can’t be a backup bike. I was going to just let it go, but Paul reminded me that I’d probably be pretty bummed if something failed on my bike and the only reason I couldn’t finish is because I didn’t take my bike into the shop to see if they could switch the cassette.

Sometimes it feels silly to do SO much prep for something I’m not sure I can do. So much time and effort. So much support from people. But, without all that time I think I’d be guaranteed to fail, and it will be an interesting experience no matter what.

I really do believe it’s good to try hard things every now and again. Ones that you really and truly don’t know if you can accomplish. Everesting last year was one of those things. This is too. Here we go.

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