Tough Mudder: Team Everybody

I finally had the chance to participate in my first Tough Mudder 5K!

What got me there was joining my incredible World Domination Summit core team members for a trip to Los Angeles, California for some epic team bonding.

While I absolutely LOVED the idea of spending my Sunday running around a muddy obstacle course, not every member of our team thought that sounded like a good day. In fact, I think it bordered on worst nightmare for a couple.

So, from the very beginning, this was about sticking together as a team. It was not a competition or a race, it was a chance to work together to get every team member through the obstacles. And we did! It was incredible! My team was amazing. It was awesome to witness the whole group come together to get all of us through the course. We were not the fastest team. In fact, we might have been nearly last in our heat to finish. But that’s not what it was about. Plus, I think we were having way more fun than most folks. To sum up – 10 out 10, would do again (but only with amazing humans like these!).

Click on the pics below for a glimpse into the experience:

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