Yesterday we were going to do two laps on Dog Mountain [ie: The Double Dog Dare], which I’d never done (despite two previous, half hearted attempts).

This is really because they were the type of attempts where in the car you think, “Maybe I’ll do this twice!”. And then you start up, and about ten minutes in you think, “Yeah! I feel awesome! Nature is awesome! I’ll 100% definitely do this again”. But after all the up (and, maybe more importantly, all the down) you get back to the parking lot, and you think about how warm and comfy the … Continue reading

Saturday Bike Ride

Or the one where I fell off my bike…

The sun finally came back to Portland on Saturday, and we saw our first 50 degree since Feb. 2nd. I know, I know, 50 degrees sounds REALLY warm for winter (at least, for anyone who grew up in Central NY like me) but in Portland being below 50 for this long is definitely a cold snap.

So, we took advantage of the glowing ball in the sky to get in a long bike ride. The past several bike rides have been bordering on somewhat miserable – cold, close to town because … Continue reading

Just another training ride.

Never really got into the groove for today’s ride. Legs were tired from a weekend of incredible skiing. Backcountry laps on Tumalo Mountain on Saturday in knee high + untouched powder and a day of downhill on Mount Bachelor on Sunday.

Nevertheless, a big push up a nemesis of a hill did earn me this:

Tied for third place for women!

It probably won’t last, and I thought I was definitely going to vomit at the top, but it was a high point on a chilly, damp, tired kinda day.

Slightly sick slow spin

Otherwise known as: today’s morning training ride. I didn’t actually start until 6:40 AM, which was later than planned because I spent 15 minutes laying on the couch trying to decide if it was smart to go biking while recovering from a cold. I looked at the internet hoping smart people would tell me, “Of course not, biking while sick is a terrible idea!”. But really all I found were articles saying that as long as it’s not “in your chest” you’re fine to exercise. Screw you internet people.

So after finally getting up I added shoe covers AND (get … Continue reading