Some updates!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind month. We were lucky enough to host one friend for the past three weeks, and two additional friends for a long weekend overlapping that time. Much fun and merriment ensued, along with quite a few outdoor activities.

I was able to sneak in a few solo hikes:

Top of Green Mountain

And I dragged brought my friends along a few too:

At the top of the Flatirons hike
On the way to Royal Arch

But not all our fun contributed to our elevation goal:

Climbing at Movement
Exploring the steep glades at Eldora

And some of it may have, erm, actively worked against it…

Celebrating stout month at Mountain Sun
We ate this entire box in about an hour (minus that one cookie, which we ate later that night).

I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for more elevation oriented activities. And thanks to a little planning ahead, I’m not terribly far behind.

Nonetheless, I head out of town this weekend and won’t be getting in much exercise. And then it will really be up to March and April to get myself prepped and ahead of things for May and June. Between those two summer months I’ll be gone (mostly for various work things) for about four of the eight weeks, with little time or options for hikes or bike rides. With the Double Triple Bypass looming in July, my goal will really be to take advantage of the dry days to get on my bike.

After not doing any significant biking since Feb 1, and no road bike climbing since sometime in January, we finally got the bikes out again. This weekend we got a ride up Sunshine on Saturday and a Sunshine/Linden ride today. Sunny and 57 for the first Sunshine, snowing and in the 30s for the second. Still, by slowing down just a bit I was able to really dial down the gasping on day 2. That’s definitely a win.

Saturday’s ride – about 9:30 AM, just past mile 4 on Sunshine
Sunday’s ride – about 9:30 AM, just past mile 4 on Sunshine

It’s been good to be back on the road bike, and I’m looking forward (mostly, ish) to ramping up those miles in the next two months.

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