It’s the final countdown!

Well, the time has come. Last week I saw that the forecast was calling for the smoke to clear and the temperatures to drop (at least for a couple days). I tentatively starting planning for my own Everest attempt, and I’ve been glued to the weather ever since.

And now, it looks like tomorrow is a go for me! I’ve got the day off work, all my things are packed (7 bags, 3 gallons of water, and a cooler waiting for all it’s treats).

I’m getting ready to have some mac & cheese for dinner, along with some cookie dough Paul made. I have to say, I’ve been nervous/excited for a few days now. Kind of like when you’re a kid counting down to Christmas.

I know if I fail I can try again, so that’s the beauty of something like this over a race. But, that doesn’t mean I want to fail. One, because no one wants to fail and two, because that means I’ll probably be in a world of hurt or annoyance (or likely both).

I told Paul, it was both encouraging to see his attempt (until he quit he was feeling pretty strong mentally and physically) but also not so encouraging because he was feeling so good and then this random niggling pain took him out.

I’ve had a lot of my own random pains this week. My calves are tight (which rarely happens), my mid-back is really sore (which happens, but not that often), and

And this is where this blog entry was left in the excitement of mac & cheese. I post as is, belatedly, for a taste of how I was feeling pre-Everesting attempt.

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