Hello 2020.

You’ve arrived.

New year. New decade. New adventures. New president (?)

Way back in 2000 a teenaged me decided to celebrate the new year, new decade, and new millennium by writing in a journal every day. Because New Year’s Day isn’t a real day, I started on January 2nd. And I (mostly) kept that goal.

Fast forward 10 years, and I did the same in 2010. Also starting on January 2nd. I honestly completely forgot to start on the 1st. Again.

And so, I suppose, it only seems right to do it again in 2020. Starting on January 2nd again, of course. Only this time I’m taking to typing my thoughts. I’m also switching from a very private forum to a much more public one. An argument could be made for writing, but I’m doing a throwback to the LiveJournal days. I don’t intend to post everyday this time (my 2000 journal includes such brilliant entries as “Too tired to write” and “Sleepy”). But I do like the idea of having some consistency.

Also, I think mostly this will be outdoors focused.

So. Hello 2020 ::waves::

Globally we kick you off with a drone strike in Iran. Floods in Indonesia. Fires in Australia. A presidential race. A climate crisis.

For me, I kick off reflecting on a big accomplishment from last year (the Mount Hood Picnic!), and a look forward to this year. With a growing unease about the state of the world. In a new city for the first time in 7 years. And a hope for what may come.

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