“Do you even work anymore”

Apparently that’s a question you get asked when you post a bunch of pictures of skiing, bike rides, and the like onto Instagram.

The answer is yes, in fact, I do work. Typically 40+ hour weeks. I do a lot of remote work and have the option to flex some of my time, which certainly helps.

But typically, I’m working by 6:30 AM. Usually either mid-morning or mid-afternoon I’ll take a break to work out, and then I’m working well into the evening.

Want proof? Here are a couple examples of typical weeks pulled directly from Toggl:

46.5 hours
48.5 hours

Also, while working from home has many, MANY perks I wouldn’t trade it’s important to note how this is counted:

These are really hours I’m working, distinguished from hours grabbing a coffee, looking on Facebook, checking personal email, etc. I know some people think that’s all you do when you work remote, but I try pretty hard to stay on track. If I’m on my personal email for more than about 30sec, my timer is stopped. I used to stop it when I took bathroom breaks, but then realized that was silly. Nevertheless, anything more than a 1-2min break is not counted here.

And, with that, it’s bedtime.

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