Cycling, sunshine, and tummy aches

Apparently it’s Wednesday. I’ve been confused about the day of the week for the past three days. But no matter. It was a beautiful, sunny, and warm (58 degrees!) Wednesday.

Unfortunately, my tummy has been quite unsettled for the past three days. I sort of wonder if all the cold air from the past couple activities has contributed to it’s out-of-sortness. But it was SO nice out, that despite feeling a bit blah, I really wanted to get out.

The deal I made with myself was that I’d go very slow, in order not to suck in so much cold air. I decided to head up Sunshine Canyon. I think it’s my favorite bike road in Boulder, though there are close seconds. I just love how quiet it gets as you head up, and the descent is fantastic.

Today was no disappointment. Despite feeling a bit off, the ride was delightful. And because I wasn’t pushing, I actually felt pretty darn great at the top.

Fingers crossed that this is just what the doctor ordered.

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