After Rexy (or playing in Moab!)

After a great race Paul, myself, and our crew was tired! But then the four of us had two wonderful days in Moab to play together which I’m summed up in a little photo retelling below:

The next morning we considered going to a national park, but we all decided a rest day was in order. First up was a stroll into town for breakfast! My mouth and throat were a bit irritated which made eating a little challenging but the food was delicious!
Later in the day we wanted to take a little stroll, and found ourselves at a donut shop where I got a fantastic pumpkin spice creme filled donut. Win. This is where we also realized Paul was still VERY tired.
All that eating and walking left us feeling tired. Relaxing outside (and a dip for Paul in the hot tub) was in order.
The theme of the day really was food. We took another stroll into town before wandering our way up a truly tasty dinner at 98 Center (highly recommend)!
I was also super excited to see my time confirmed from the race – 2nd place for women behind my BaseCamp teammate Karoline! It’s funny – I realize after the fact that the little light I saw in front of me in the dark most have been Karoline! Had I known would I have pushed harder to catch? I don’t know. But I was pretty tired and I’m happy with how I did!

The following day we all got up at a relatively early hour so we could make the short drive to Arches National Park. We spent the entire day exploring and hiking. The views were spectacular, and it’s an incredible accessible park with many of the arches visible right from the road. We got very lucky with low crowds and beautiful weather! You can click on the photos below to scroll them if you’re interested. They don’t do the Park justice – it’s breathtaking!

We wrapped up the trip with another tasty dinner in town before eventually parting ways the next morning. Eric went on to continue his own bike exploration in the area while Julia, Paul, and I made the fairly quick drive back to Boulder.

All in all Rexy and our time in Moab with friends was the most wonderful way to cap off my very first season of racing! Very grateful!

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